From creativity to anxiety

When I was a child, the toy Lego was the ultimate creative experience. There were basically 4 or so different kinds of blocks from which you could connect together into whatever you could think of. Now, most Lego sets consists of a fixed number of pieces that are to be assembled into a specific object, like a fire truck. Instead of just making whatever you can think of, you now must precisely follow an instruction book with the major anxiety that a crucial piece will be missing. Creativity has been replaced by the ability to follow detailed instructions. Maybe, this makes kids look for creative outlets elsewhere, like pretend play. Maybe, they become more compliant employees. Or maybe, the world is just becoming less a imaginative and duller place.

4 thoughts on “From creativity to anxiety

  1. Is Minecraft the new Lego? Is it headed in the same direction? Web page designs suffer the same. Is speed to the final (and predictable) outcome gaining value? It is not a natural phenomena that variation mutates toward a dominant mainstream theme over time? Or is this all a manifestation of the aging observer? The unfamiliar is a gift to innovation; it’s free when you are young, and increasingly precious as you age.


  2. @Anna I don’t know anything about Minecraft. I won’t let my children play video games.
    @Tom Definitely, the make tons of money with their model kits


  3. I hear they have a computer or even people that can solve a rubics cube in 3 seconds. (my brother’s daughter could win at speed scrabble—i couldnt even understand the rules).

    my mom does crossword puzzles everyday. i used to play scrabble with my grandma up in north dakota–she was slow but would always win. (While she decided her moves, i worked on Bell’s theorem —see if i could find a hidden variable theory—i ended up same place—detector loophole—if people, or photons, or electrons, dont answer the phone then your sample may not be representative). I also would take a walk outside to look at the temperature clock. Sometimes it was -33 F but that ain’t nothing for me. I was very warm.

    when i was in hospital my nephew gave me this book with word games—something like sandufo or sanduko. i had pneumonia, then sepsis.

    there are very good math theories (number theory) that solve all these games.

    when i am elected first thing we will do is ban all games and sports. (i think plato or aristotle said we also ban all poets too—speaking poetry on the street will be like ‘open container’ around here—going to jail).

    when i played sports and games it was like throwing me to the lions. you get all these acronyms, PTSD, bullied,, Fear..
    eventually my teachers said nothing so i just climbed over the fence and dissapeared.


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