One thought on “Musical selection

  1. oh i see now there are ads.
    this the kind of music some of my relatives listen to. (some in-laws play it too for NSO and such ).
    the way his fingers move remind me of the way michael jackson danced. i listened to whole thing—very nice, also for taking care of business. i hear there is a 9 mile traffic jam on beltway–they could listen to this too.

    when i was in college one of my best friends who wanted to be an astronomer had Chopin as his favorite music. (i refused to let him join me at punk rock shows because i decided i am not going to help people destroy their ears and brains).

    i view this also as an example of group selection and/or division of labor. i could do the part about waving your hands–andre previn. piano would have to be a different style. i saw a youtube video of a bear which had invaded a house–they had surveillance cameras. the bear took what it wanted and then decided to play the piano. that might be my style except i actually knew jazz and classical piano but thats all gone. now its a different style and instrument if it exists at all. i hear the building nearby got burned down couple days ago–my management. its a scary world.


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