Selection of the Week

Hungarian pianist András Schiff plays a lost piece by Johannes Brahms composed in Göttingen in 1853.

Christopher Hogwood and Schiff discuss the piece here.


One thought on “Selection of the Week

  1. i didn’t know schiff played piano—i just know him from a quantum mechanics book (not a bad one either, though perhaps it could be supplemented by the old ones of H weyl, and dirac/feynman for path integrals and bell’s theorem, and von neumann (quantum logic) and g s mackey (group theory, the pre-wavelet/ifs approach to various polynomials—spherical harmonics, etc), i guess that was leonard schiff, however. A related leonard, in music, was leonard meyer (who as married to my my aunt, on wikip—they knew cowan) who wrote ’emotion and meaning in music’ and things combining information theory with music. I heard on BBC yesterday that computers can now compose and play music, and played a sample—sounded like Bach. Computers will maybe replace everything—humans will mostly just choose which apps to run, though likely there will then be apps to choose which humans make the choices—eg ‘stable matching’ or ‘asignment’ problem (shapley) ; a Hungarian algorithm is used to solve some variants..


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