Talk in Göttingen

I’m currently in Göttingen, Germany at the Bernstein Sparks Workshop: Beyond mean field theory in the neurosciences, a topic near and dear to my heart.  The slides for my talk are here.  Of course no trip to Göttingen would be complete without a visit to Gauss’s grave and Max Born’s house. Photos below.


One thought on “Talk in Göttingen

  1. i think a few other minor known people were also in gottingen—hilbert (he ran hilbert’s hotel) , weyl, von neumann, noether, etc. I like the slides—many familiar vacation places (finite size effects, good old boltzmann distribution and ising models…) . I never could understand what the difference was between grossberg and cowan-wilson (leon cooper—bcs- also had some idea). i like speed reading though not speed dating—80 plus pages in 2 minutes, with an occassional stop for a view. ‘around the world in 24 hours’.


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