Selection of the week

The Kyrie from Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor, K427, played  by the Chor und Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks conducted by Leonard Bernstein. The solo is sung by the American soprano Arleen Auger, who died in 1993 of brain cancer at the age 53.  Bernstein died in 1990 so this must have been performed sometime in the 1980’s.

Addendum: Actually it is from 1990 so it must have been right before Bernstein died.

Here is the whole mass if you have an hour.

Selection of the week

A performance of Mozart’s Table Music Duet for two violins.  I think this piece best exemplifies the singular brilliance of Mozart.  This piece consists of only a single line of music (see below for those who can read music).  One person reads it right side up and the other reads it upside down.  Thus the beginning of the piece for one person is the end of the piece for the other person read upside down.  In music, the position of the notes is relative to the staff so a note read upside down is not the same read right side up, except for the middle B in treble clef.  For example, the D  read right side up (4th line from the bottom) is equivalent to the G read upside down (2nd line form bottom) in the key of G major.