Mosquito update

IMG_2917It’s been about two weeks since I first set out my bucket, although I had to move it to a less obtrusive location. Still no signs of mosquito larvae, although judging from my bite frequency even with mosquito repellant, mosquito activity is still high in my garden. I see the occasional insect trapped (they are not really floating since at their size water is highly viscous) in the surface and there is a nice collection of plant debris at the bottom. The water level seems a little bit higher. It has rained at least once every two days since my first post although it has also been very hot so the input seems mostly balanced by the evaporative loss. I’m starting to believe that mosquitos have their prefered gestation grounds that they perpetually use and only exploit new locales when necessary.

2 thoughts on “Mosquito update

  1. I was on a hike in Shenandoah park last week (quite hot, but cooler once you get to 2500-3000 ft elevation (the rule of thumb is temperature goes down 3 degrees every 1000 feet , if you arent in the sun). At top, where everyone meets, someone was swatting flies, gnats, and a few mosquitos. I told him thats prejudice.
    Maybe mosquitos dont like your place–you could put up a sign ‘hate has no home here’. Mosquitos may then feel welcome. ‘welcome home’ (famous song by s african musician).

    I had some mosquitos visit me yesterday during the thunderstorms along potomac river. I also got a dip, and got shocked when a thunderbolt hit the water nearby. I decided to get out of the water–especially if all those trees start falling down and before i drown. I’ve heard electroshock is a great cure for ‘mental illness’ if you have it–so maybe if i had that i’m now cured, if not fired. On way back saw a lawyer i sort of know who works on SSI disability–i told him i am deaf dumb and blind so i could use that.

    i’d rather be bitten by a mosquito than use insect repellent. .


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