Talk at Maryland

I gave a talk at the Center for Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling at the University of Maryland today.  My slides are here.  I apologize for the excessive number of pages but I had to render each build in my slides, otherwise many would be unreadable.  A summary of the work and links to other talks and papers can be found here.

One thought on “Talk at Maryland

  1. Very interesting–alot of slides which i only vaguely recognize (like trying to understand a language when you don’t speak it–the action vlasov equation…).

    Finite size effects are very interesting. I once studied a bit finite size effects in ‘polycondensation models’ (sol-gel, antibody-antigen precipitin, gas-liquid transitions). There are significant differences. Without the thermodynamic limit things change. (one sees same thing in set theory–finite vs countable vs uncountable sets).(Some have called this the ‘law of small numbers’. )
    I saw the reference to Kuramoto (i sortuh read some of those papers). Another name is K Kaneko who also discusses related issues eg ‘Globally coupled chaos violates law of large numbers but not CLT’ ‘ PRL 66 243 1991 ) .


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