5 thoughts on “A great escape

  1. thanks. i just dont know where that is or what kinds of snakes. i can look it up via google etc.

    when i was about 10, i climbed this small mountain at the base of the bigger mountain (in west va.)–i always went there. a whole lot of rocks and cliffs, and quite a few rare plants (there is a stand of paper birch trees there too—noone knew about them since there aren’t many in w va–they are a northern species mostly–people plant them in gardens all through DMV–except at high alltitudes or cooler climates–that area also has some other unusual plants ).

    one time i went up there and there were rattlesnakes everywhere, and some copperheads. i used to catch a few ratlesnakes but my family told me not to do that since i got bit and sick one time. i did this because people wanted to kill them. i caught em and took em up the mountian where they would be sfae.

    i wonder of you could use a path integral to describe this process. i’ve never seen that
    many snakes in one area. .


  2. Oh. I think Darwin may have visited Galapagos on one of those scenic cruise tours. (i once did something like that–took a ship from seattle washington up to skagway alaska, past all the glaciers. then you get off and walk over the mountain pass chilkhoot trail down to yukon river and float somewhere–maybe dawson. (goldminers used to do that trip —i think they were mining bitcoins–which i hear are now worth more than gold).

    i bet those snakes were introduced. Or maybe not. On islands like that only snakes around are sea snakes–higly venamous but dont bite.

    i’ve been to hawaii (i have a relative there) and there is only one snake there and its introduced—a worm snake–they only grow about 5 inches long, live underground, and look like worms. I think they were introduced by people bringing potted plants in. (Hawaii does have alot of mongooses, also introduced–and those can kill cobras–they were introduced to kill introduced rats or something but then figured out they could live off native hawaiian birds. Same thing with introduced lizards–some kinds are everywehre–in houses, lawns… A few other kinds live up much higher in mountains–some look like mini-dinosaurs–i found one and thought i’d found a dinosaur –their eyes can rotate 360 degrees—very scary–but they are slow and harmless https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson's_chameleon. Pet breeders introduced those. .)


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