2 thoughts on “More ways to waste time

  1. I invented these. Its a perpetual motion machine—you can get infinite free energy from the vaccum.
    (eg stochastic electrodynamics ‘SED’). https://arxiv.org/abs1205.0916

    I saw one of these at Honolulu museum of art (my family gave me a free ticket—i just had to negotiate all stops—-in LA, oregon, and utah, and TSA—only place they made me really go through seucirty–take my shoes off and such was at Reagen National airport where my brother dropped me off—rest of places they just waved me through. going west i had window seat so i could see all the places i know from west viriginia and such. i had long stopovers and fell asleep sometimes–almost missed my flights. they even said i could take my guitar i bought in hawaii on the plane but i checked it—i didn’t understand what to do. they couldnt even find my reservation on the plane a few times so i was running around from counter to counter until they found it . ‘good to go’. we hit that turbulence right near dc coming back—i figured ‘here we go’—going right down into potomac river—a place i used to swim. but made it.
    I am scared of flying.
    they got a good go-go music show at howard thr 15th–RE, JYB, EU. classic dc band


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