Kevin Hall in the NY Times

Watch Kevin Hall talking about his research on weight regain in the “Biggest Loser” show participants.  I was kicked out of my office during the shoot (my office is next to Kevin’s) for making too much noise (I was having a heated discussion with my fellows).  Here is the accompanying article.


One thought on “Kevin Hall in the NY Times

  1. i heard him on science friday wamu today. i was multitasking so didnt get the point—maybe something about how to lose weight, stop eating. i weigh 155 –should be 140. . seems like a reasonable idea–alot of times when i visit friends and relatives all they want to do is stuff my face with food i dont want to eat. also, tell me to shut up and eat. i checked my BMI –i’m 22 though i was fully clothed and also had my lunch in my hand–kale salad i got from cvs. at my cvs you have to watch you’re back when you leave or you may get robbed or killed. its says i’m healthy weight–goes from 18,5 to 29, so as a very deep and profound mathematician i think 22 is between there. i also had just drunk a 6 pack of beer. i can’t even lose any weight because rock creek is so polluted now i dont want to go in there. i hear they had some nice shootings up in bethesda today. one can lose weight around here running from cops and robbers.


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