One thought on “Franz de Waal

  1. very good article though it seems more like common sense than brilliant—f de wall is very good (though i know some object to using primates for research–yerkes–i’m a primate too if i recall and i even a few times did ‘clinical studies’ to make money on the side when i had a job at UCSF doing math biology—i got so sick i decided it wasnt worth it).i checked one out not long ago —my brotehr found it for me (wites for science mag) up at NIH. went through the whole interview, and they said they rejected me since i have extreme claustrophobia and i’d have to be in an MRI machine 5 days a week, plus i tend to be so allergic to medicines when i should be out in 3 days it turns into 6 weeks.$3500/day.had no insurance either so its taxpayer funded. i get sepsis and am put on life support.

    noam chomsky said the only animals which have any language resembling human languages are honeybees. (some say they are in decline due to pesticides, like monarch butterflies– i went to the monarch butterfly preserve in mexico when i used to go down–i mostly walked, one of the few thing i can or could do). i only saw 2 monarchs last summer.


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