New Papers

I have been negligent about posting new papers but here is a list.  I’ll expound on them in the future.

Lee, J. J., Vattikuti, S. & Chow, C. C. Uncovering the Genetic Architectures of Quantitative Traits. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 14, 28–34 (2016).

Lenstra, T. L., Coulon, A., Chow, C. C. & Larson, D. R. Single-Molecule Imaging Reveals a Switch between Spurious and Functional ncRNA Transcription. MOLCEL 60, 597–610 (2015).

Stavreva, D. A. et al. Dynamics of chromatin accessibility and long-range interactions in response to glucocorticoid pulsing. Genome Res 25, 845–857 (2015).

One thought on “New Papers

  1. the first paper on GWAS has many equations i’m familiar with.

    your references zuk and e s lander LP model shows you do cover the territory. eg refs 24 31 and 37.

    i do forget if the path is the same as the territory , or maybe its the map.

    i was talking to my sister who’s daughter is at mit, and trying to find some sort of project in computational ecology—her hard course this time besides taking chinese language is fluid dynamics.
    she might like this paper. i also referred her to ‘environment and planning’ journal, and rodrick wallace—afffiliated with columbia u.

    i’m a believer in nonlinearity— see bruce j west’s book ‘an essay on the importance of being nonlinear’ (he used to be at some university in texas (texas methodist perhaps) —now at army research center in North carolina. it was an interesting book. (schiffman in physical review letters c had a similar concept but with alot of group theory).

    his sidekick nicholas scafetta who is at duke u (some sort of group theoretic transformation of tobacco) has his own ‘nonlinear’ theory of the ‘hockey stick’ for global warming—they can use something like a 5 degree polynomial and accurately fit the climate data up to 20 years. this proves we need more coal and fracking and commuting.

    norbert weiner could fit any data to an elephant with 4 parameters and with one more make it wiggle its trunk.

    Scafetta now has his own journal (since he can’t get published anywhere else). see ‘wattsupwiththat’ (the complement to they have a great complement to piketty on income inequality it turns out from their model the more inequality the better the world is. ‘history is written by the victors’.


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