Phasers on stun

The recent controversy over police shootings of unarmed citizens has again stirred up the debate over gun control. However, Shashaank Vattikuti points out that there is another option and that is for the police to carry nonlethal weapons like phasers with a stun option. Although, an effective long range nonlethal weapon currently does not exist (tasers just don’t cut it), a billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, or Elon Musk could start a company to develop one. New York Times columnist Joe Nocera has suggested that Michael Bloomberg buy a gun company. There are so many guns already in existence that barring an unlikely confiscation scheme there is probably no way to get rid of them. The only way to reduce gun violence at this point is for a superior technology to make them obsolete. Hobbyists and collectors would still own guns, just as there are sword collectors, but those who own guns for protection would probably slowly switch over. However, the presence of a nonlethal option could lead to more people shooting each other so strong laws regarding their use would need to accompany their introduction.






One thought on “Phasers on stun

  1. that i guess may be a good idea.

    but it seems peter thiel (who apparently funds MIRI or or —this shows i’m intelligent) and might instead fund creation of a new kind of human being—they would be sortuh superintelligent, and genetically engineered to be naturally peaceful (sortuh like marx’s conception of the ‘new socialist man’. one wouldn’t even need womyn who innevitably cause conflict —eg adam and st/eve—-everything could be clean and sterile, and done in test tubes, or brains in vats. or, one could get rid of males, as an alternative. to decide, flip a fair or biased coin. diversity (is) in/coherence (‘dc’). .

    the new social wo/myn besdes being peaceful , and docile—ones who accept their place in life and the hierarchy (eg lev landau, according to wikipedia, gave newton a 0, einstein a .5, and himself 2.5 tho after taking a self-help class and therapy got a 2; mermin (is the moon there when nobody looks? — i wouldnt know, but would dought it, since i didnt see it) gave himself a 4.5. (i give myself a negative number; newton couldnt even solve alchemy) would be equipped with lethal force also, like rhinoceroses. ( eugene ionesco was the biologist who collected the last ones in africa–they didnt bathe or dress so were an affront to cilvilization except when mounted on a wall, like cecil the lion) . people could be genetically engineered for saftey, and born with suicide vests.

    i gather dc had over 150 homicides so far this year. there have been a few shootings around here, maybe a couple of deaths. (ive even had young people try to sell me guns on the street; i basically laugh and dont ‘snitch’ but then later i hear about events in those areas so maybe i should have). (i am basically on good terms with local police but you never know who you are deaing with–i tend to avoid and even run from both cops and criminals and got locked up a few times for this—so called resisting arrest. they are culling deer )shooting them) down in the park again and i ran into one of those snipers and you arent supposed to be in the park at nite—he put that lite on me and told me to get on the road—he said he knew i wasnt a deer).

    i hear at U Texas (maybe austin, where s weinberg is (bought him from harvard) —says the universe has no purpose or meaning, and ilya prigogine was there—and one person there wrote a paper basically saying he could derive quantum theory using a classical model—the ancient hidden variable sort of thing, even studied a bit at MIT now via stochasitc electrodynamics—ancient ideas come back) some students are doing a simulated mass shooting with the people being shot dressed as members of a gun control group). they are following ‘liberty university’—a wonderful christian university in va. —which says ‘turn the other cheek’ and shoot first, think later. (i wonder what fields these students study—probably business or sports medicine.) ( interestingly i noted that one of these hardcore people getting a PhD in theoretical physics at UC berkely is also a member of directactioneverywhere (hardcore animal rights group—meat is murder, but i guess not physics—they protest at niemann marcus and whole foods before getting back in their BMWs to go back to theri loudon county mcmansion). they even have someone who studied with cass sunnstein (and i know someone who also did—same place as obama and j cowan))

    i visited this web site since supposedly NYU has a new machine that can pass the turing test and this was dis/cussed here previously.
    i wonder if its the same paper—probably not, just hype though basic research.
    my recent discoveries were also sortuh interesting (discusses wang tilings) and (one of my favorite kook writers)

    now that they have gotten coca-cola out of school vending machines, maybe they could have guns instead in them.


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