Proving I’m me

I have an extremely difficult time remembering the answers to my security questions for restoring forgotten passwords. I don’t have an invariant favourite movie, or book, or colour. I have many best friends from childhood and they have various permutations of their names. Did I use their first name, nick name, full name? Even my Mother’s maiden name can be problematic because there are various ways to transliterate Chinese names and I don’t always remember which I used. The city I met my wife is ambiguous. Did I use the specific town per se or the major city the town is next to? Did I include the model of my first car or just the make. Before I can work my way through the various permutations, I’m usually locked out of my account forever.

As much as I appreciate and rely on computers, software, and the internet, objectively they all still suck. My iPhone is perhaps better than the alternative but it sucks. My laptop sucks. Apple makes awful products. Google, Amazon, Uber and the rest are not so great either. I don’t remember all the times Google Maps has steered me wrong. The tech landscape may be saturated but there is definitely room for something better.

2 thoughts on “Proving I’m me

  1. i sortuh have this problem too. but i cant really complain—i have a cell phone which a relative bought for me since i tend to go on hikes, and say i’ll be back by dark, but cant make it (i have to stay out since the terrain is too rough). dont have an iphone and wouldnt know how to use one. my computer basically was given to me; its pretty good but sick. (i actually have another one real old–its very slow but works. and another one i got when i got a verizon account— for free–but i couldnt figure out how to set it up. (a small one so i could be like a hipster and take it to a cafe and use wifi). i use for my passwords stuff like ‘ishi’, various mathematical constants i can remember, sometimes just things like aaaa , and i had two dogs when i was a kid named cherie and pushkin (who my sister named—pushkin always went with me up into the mountains but was no good since he wouldnt keep my feet warm when it was like -10 degrees and stay in the sleeping bag—he also got in trouble with bobcats (found their dens so i had to pull him out by his little tail–he was a sort of mongrel poodle), rattlesnakes (sat right on em) and local people (he chased their cows and they tried to shoot him (and me too if i was fishing on their proeprty for brook trout—i basically later just learned to catch them with my hand to avoid the drama). pushkin (he was a russin writer) eventually got hit by a car at 18th and col in nw dc (adams morgan) since he didnt want to be left alone and chased my mom’s car when she was going to a store. not a happy end.i was much more happy when i just used libraries (i used to bike to U Md and use the science library each morning, and then bike down to MLK library in dc after a break, and then go up to AU library till thye closed at 2am. (i hid a beer in the bushes for when i get home).

    if you have trouble with chinese language,you can google on youtube a ‘chinese introduction to mikayla and her new life in taiwan’ –it will explain this (she’s 2nd year at mit now). mandarin or something. funny video


  2. Use KeePass. I actually just make up fake strings for those questions. IMHO they could be a security vulnerability, since if a hacker gets ahold of them from one site, they could use them at another.


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