One thought on “Selection of the week

  1. that is quite nice for me—alot of minor chords. (they did a study and say modern pop music is now using more or mostly minor chords and thats pretty much all i play —more along the line of indian raga (i been there—arrived with 2$ and a return ticket and lied my way through customs and had to ‘hustle’ like all the other street people and wandered up through kashmir to leh, ladack–got up to over 19000 feet —bhuddist area next to tibet (with a brief stop at a university in delhi to talk with r k mishra about quantum biology (used to publish in international j of quantum chemistry and biology —frolich model of bose einstein condensation in biological systems from science around 68), taj mahal, benares (city of the dead in at least 2 ways–it has ghats where cycle of karma ends, and also is center of legal opium poppy production but there is alot of leakage ).

    jaques attali is also french (and france has had several fields medalists and nobles in physics in the last few years) see is his current project (microfinance). (he also advised ,mitterand, headed a bank…). he wrote ‘noise: the political economy of music’. (this was on bbc ‘the pop star and the prophet’ long ago (sept 17). his view is there is so much free music few can make a living on it (he’s also some sort of marxist). maybe people can turn to writing apps, or building skyscrapers 10000 miles high, or do head transplants (a la ben carson–a brilliant evolutionist who pointed out darwin was inspired by satan) –one could get 3 like a hydra with a politically correct balance. (see ‘balance’ on youtube by wolfgang lauenstein—great short music video. (not pauli–spin and statistics or ‘spin flips for survival’ (the golden rule for stochastic).


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