One thought on “How the brain constructs the visual world

  1. ‘demon haunted world’ by carl sagan is one of the greatest books–basically popular. anyone who can read, can read it. i know someone who was a grad student of sagan but i think he has lost it. carl sagan’s son is a 911truther and aids denialist (ie the us govt bombed the world trade center, and there is no connection between hiv virus and aids—make some good money saying that. i also know a professor with a PhD from an ivy college–same 1 i went 2– who says ‘bigfoot’ exists (had a letter in NYT’s on this), and he’s also a 9111truther. ). ‘chance and neccesity’ by jaques monod–famous french biochemist is another (also a bit of a trip like say galois) , bertrand russel’s ‘unpopular essays’ is in same class along with some eintein popular science. (i am sort of a fan of the whitehead theory of gravity–whithead wrote a book with russel called principia mathematica–they proved 1 +1 =2 in only 800 pages; FOM-list (martin davis, .NYU, hilbert’s 10th problem—universal diophantine sets with julia robinson and matiyasevich (sic)–russian good set theorist) has a new short proof of the fundamental proof of arithmatic. ‘confessions of a confidence man, felix krull’ by thomas mann (german witer) is where i learned biology..

    i see NYR (new york review of books) has a review of ‘must we divide history into periods’ by jacques le goff. perhaps the brain constructs the visual world, end even herstory. i may look at that video


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