One thought on “Selection of the week

  1. wynton marsalis knows his stuff. he also has a brother who is also a muscian. they are from new orleans. most jazz i listened to was from same tradition —mostly dope addicts—charlie parker, john coltrane, eric dolphy, charles mingus, dollar brand, jelly roll morten, ella, billie, miles davis, jaki byard. bud powell….etc i actually played in all these bands unless it was a dream. i aint a big fan of boston pops tho they know how to play. i may play tonite up in silver spring but i have a ‘contract’ out on me (death threat—fortunately its raining so aint nobobdy going to be out here) but i do more like ‘venus in furs’ john cale (velvet underground did it too).

    brother ah of ‘sounds of music’ on wpfw 89.3 fm dc–i took a music class with him at one of those i.v leage u’s and he hated me–also knows his stuff but he gotta problem. i used that iv to get through these 3 hour tests on quantum theory. open book so i just did at the time.


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