Paper on new myopia associated gene

The prevalence of near sightedness or myopia has almost doubled in the past thirty years from about 25% to 44%. No one knows why but it is probably a gene-environment effect, like obesity. This recent paper in PLoS Genetics: APLP2 Regulates Refractive Error and Myopia Development in Mice and Humans, sheds light on the subject. It reports that a variant of the APLP2 gene is associated with myopia in people if they read a lot as children. Below is a figure of the result of a GWAS study showing the increase in myopia (more negative is more myopic) with age for those with the risk variant (GA) and for time spent reading. The effect size is pretty large and a myopic effect of APLP2 is seen in monkeys, mice, and humans. Thus, I think that this result will hold up. The authors also show that the APLP2 gene is involved in retinal signaling, particularly in amacrine cells. It is thus consistent with the theory that myopia is the result of feedback from the retina during development.  Hence, if you are constantly focused on near objects, the eye will develop to accommodate for that. So maybe you should send your 7 year old outside to play instead of sitting inside reading or playing video games.

3 thoughts on “Paper on new myopia associated gene

  1. i started using the internet in the late 90’s. now i need glasses to read inside. i always had perfect vision before that. i cant even read the arxiv preprints i have without glasses and the ones i have my mom gave me—her old ones—and then i bought one at CVS but the best is the one i found in the park. i think its looking at computer screen that does this. i see stephen hsu discusses nonlinearity. getting close to reality


  2. never even heard that term. i’ve known 10 year old kids who were already wearing glasses (my issue is i almost refuse to wear them —- animals dont like being in cages—i once had pneumonia 3 years ago and was in the hospital for 1 and 1/2 months —they said i’d be out in 3 days but it took longer—i got in on my birthday and got out the day after april fool’s day, missed alot of snow and spring—even there i refused to wear my oxygen mask but eventually changed my mind and decided i needed it and got very angry when by mistake they turned it off , i also had to carry an oxygen tank for another couple months and some people wondered if that was a weapon or something in my pack –i had a tube. cost 3500$ a day but i didnt have health insurance so it was on them. they presented me a 200,000$ plus bill at the end and i said lets see what i have in my pocket—do u take pennies? . . it was quite interesting in the hospital—they were drilling holes in my back to get the fluid out, and had a camera they could use to put a needle all the way up to my heart—i watched it. alot of the people doing this were from everywhere—ukraine, jamaica, haiti, etc they knew what they were doing and extremely professional. (my family had to take me since i was having so many hallucinations i didnt know what was going on). people like me are maybe why us health care is like 18% of i’m on dc health care plan—mostly zero money; my doctor is from ethipia (adis ababa) and i was up there last week (2 blocks away on gae ave). he gave me a prescription, checked me for STD’s (all negative) but i think i lost the prescription (i had a bike accident so it was for that). peace out


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