Selection of the week

Who said classical music couldn’t be funny?  Here is a rendition of PDQ Bach’s version of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. PDQ Bach is the brainchild of composer and music scholar Peter Schickele to put some fun back in classical music.  You can learn a lot about the construction of classical pieces from his work.


2 thoughts on “Selection of the week

  1. i what ‘fun’ is—the definition–perhaps its in the dictionary. a group i am peripherally involved with called who are big into AI and developing superintelligent computers has regular dc meetings on various topics , one called ‘fun and games’. my mom is big into speed scrabble. less wrong just had their summer fundraiser—raised 600,000$ from 250 people—3000$/person avg. in my area i donate to comunity radio, food banks, eco-groups , homeless street people etc. but in smaller amounts. A song i like is called ‘no fun’ by iggy pop , covered by many. perhaps there are different forms of fun, like genes , species, etc.. Some seem to enjoy church, philosophy, the redskins (except most native americans), nats( CEO’s in their taxpayer funded box seats), drugs, TV, I saw the colbert show when i visited hawaii (i dont have a TV nor want one) and thought it was funny. there is (eg mike tyson impersonating herman mcain when he ran for president). I got rejected from an NIH 4 week clinical thing yesterday after going through the 20 minute interview—they wanted alot of MRI s and i told them i have intense claustrophobia as well as fear of heights so they rejected me. just as well. maybe they could hire me instead to run the study so i can avoid trouble. probably limited resources—i’ve known quite a few people who have gone through these kinds of programs, and after they are all healthy they are put out on the street with nowhere to go except back to the corner with the crew. sortuh like congress—revolving door. .


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