One thought on “Selection of the week

  1. i heard an interview with andrew roberts about his book ‘napolean a life ‘ recently (actually on a usually right wing ‘hate’ radio station wmal 1450 am –savage, rush limbaugh… but this was the john batchelor show from 9pm to 1am, who has some good stuff mixed in with garbage—my brother was even interviewed on there on a science topic ) . i was interested since my mom is reading a book on napolean . i knew very little about him—that dude was a good role model tho a bit ‘crazy’—walked from paris to moscow and back, 100’s of thousands of troops killed, starved, cannabilized, frozen to death. he did live in some nice houses/palaces in paris—i visited some once when i was visiting relatives in geneva. (also went up to the ‘massif central’ and gorige of the ardeche—spectacular, like appalachians a bit but wierder. (also area the authors of the sortuh pop/(pseudo)radical/political book ‘the coming isurrection’ hung out–they may be locked up) . as an expert historian, i also know there was also a ‘war of 1812’ when america discovered britian and tried to invade it to make it the 51st state.


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