Selection of the week

American violinist Rachel Barton Pine playing Pietro Locatelli’s Sonata Op 6 No 12 for solo violin.  This piece was composed in 1737!

Here is another side of Rachel Barton Pine playing with her heavy metal band Earthen Grave

One thought on “Selection of the week

  1. perhaps unfortunately i can’t seem to get ‘earthen grave—now it seems to come on. alot of those heavy metal bands especially in nordic countries have alot of technique, like classical music—except loud, and sometimes angry and also very un-pc–some are ‘white power’ types). there was a traditional split in rock music between metalheads and punk rockers—did not get along to the extent of violence. there was some cross fertuilization however (one band i didnt like too much—dri (dirty rotten imbeciles) did cover black sabbath. (lou reed of the verlvet underground even did a heavy metal thing before he dided—prety bad, tho maybe like ‘metal machine music’ (his double album)—a sort of ‘joke’, though i think its as melodic, and also a sort of ‘tap your foot to it’ rythymn as 4’33” by john cage. i bet some of my ‘inlaws’ can play that stuff—they can even read notes and play them on a typewriter—sortuh like mathemcians but in a diffwerent field of expertiese. (interestingly they also had a sort of view that ‘studying math’ was a bad idea—it will kill you, so one should work in one of the STEM fields like poetry, music, or social media and PR, or science journalism (like my brother at a zine with that name in the title. ). I was considering doing ‘science journalism’ —i even googled it but conuldnt difure out what it was, so i decided, almost from birth, to go into architecture. While some want to design astounding brgies over gorges in china (eg a glass one) to help the poor, or mile high syscapers in kuwait, etc. where from the penthouse you can see clearly (so long as you havent smuggled into too much alcohol) how to solve the poverty of the bangladeshis who built the joint, i mostly focused on designing my grave. should it be in the earth, the water or the fire? I’ve tested a few prototypes of each of these—for fire, there goes my alaska cabin (at minus 25—time to visit friends (ran up there a mile with no shoes)), the w va one i managed to stop since the resident black snake and woodrats objected. for earth i’ve always got ‘cold feet’ so i made a fire (and unlike the person in a jack london book, i am pretty good at this though i get in trouble too (make a little fire out in the woods and next thing i know someone has called the fire department and i have a bunch of police on me—only got caught twice—tried to charge for the fire dept (just like in alaska they tried to charge for a search plane, which i saw buty i was picking berries in the snow, but they cant find me). water i also have tested—once walked across the pomotmac when it had been 4 degrees and was 16—.i knew i should take a different route but i had a schedule. fell threw and spent the rest of the day trying to dry out. i had my matches in plastic. i tested this last nite. almost drowned but i know to be friendly with trees. (i so far have not seen any genes for intellgence on sale at safeway–i guess i could try walmart doqn the street. they are cracking down on all the k2 stuff in that area whic is a good idea since i thinks its poison. but, to each their own i guess)


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