Implicit bias

The most dangerous form of bias is when you are unaware of it. Most people are not overtly racist but many have implicit biases that can affect their decisions.  In this week’s New York Times, Claudia Dreifus has a conversation with Stanford psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt, who has been studying implicit biases in people experimentally.  Among her many eye opening studies, she has found that convicted criminals whose faces people deem more “black” are more likely to be executed than those that are not. Chris Mooney has a longer article on the same topic in Mother Jones.  I highly recommend reading both articles.


2 thoughts on “Implicit bias

  1. wow. imagine that, you can get a job at stanford studying implicit bias (harvard u also i think had the test, and claude steel had a version—also at stanford—on stereotype bias). i imagine thanks to this study stanford has no longer any biases they are unaware of. ‘we’re not biased, just stay out of palo alto’ (unlesss say u are in
    http// .
    as they say, sometimes less is more (p w anderson)

    .(i did meet paul cohen of continuum hypothesis and karl pribram there, and knew one of marcus feldman’s grad students (pop gens).

    we even have ‘jump outs’ in dc (and they went after me a few times) .

    chris mooney of course is famous for his promotion of the australian research group’s study ( they got a big grant and moved to the uk) that people who believe ‘NASA faked the moon landing’ also believed climate change was a farce. But they lumped in a whole lot of data —-also it was an online poll so its self-reports, and intentional responses —-eg 911 was an inside job, aids was created at fort detrick, jfk was killed by a conspiracy, etc.
    Mooney is a bit like the Moonies (washington times), and they all get paid in full.he’s an opportunist.

    the point of say, boyd and richerson, is that people are biased to be biased.


  2. ps i read the article. not too bad (if i say that do i get a genius award ? wu tang clan (sortuh gangsta rap) has a TED talk on ‘the genius of science’ ; it may be of interest to those interested in science or even getting a career in it; but i think it may be about me. one of my best friends bought me a ticket (50$) to see wu-tang clan, a classic group, but i didnt go because i was having personal issues and even intimidated—he was staying at my place, so i slept outside sometimes in the snow, he also stole my computer with stuff in it i was writing. he OD’d pretty quickly later after i started complaining). .

    its good stanford is employing a black woman. also, i personally have a hard time figuring out say ‘white people’—-they all look the same, like every group. (gradually i’m recognizing my neighbors who are latinos—if u are on the same bus going home, standing room only, u dont look at anybody). if you go to say, an all black black gogo music (not dancing women, though i have a relative who made a movie about unionizing her strip club—live nude girls unite!!! (on the internet) ; her mom who i knew fairly well was active as a doctor in AIDS epidemic in NYC , had a little van/clinic to go around and hand out condoms, needles for iv exchange, and do some basic health stuff) club where there is little lighting, i stand out—everyone can see me.

    a very obscure journalist wrote about ‘the negro question’ in 1946 (the uncle of the very famous anarcho-syndicalist carl einstein, but his name was albert einstein) . he had a nice phrasing of the question, but he acknowledged he couldnt even solve the problem (eg the TOE). i also like the doonesbury cartoon– a politican is in a Q&A session (like on CSPAN (or cspam) Q$A)—he gets a question, and responds, very respectfully, ‘good question. Ok, next question’. it was 8 degree here this morning, and now i have to decide if i’m going to make places i thought i might and sortuh said i would go. flip a coin based on my religion of stochasticism.


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