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Generally, any European music written before the age of Vivaldi and the Baroque Era is called Early Music.  It is often performed with instruments that are no longer in use in traditional symphony orchestras such as the viola da gamba, the lute, and the recorder.  Here is a nice piece performed by the Opus 5 Early Music Ensemble.


3 thoughts on “Selection of the week

  1. I think this was discussed at the Chicago ideas festival (they also had one in DC—sponsored by the Aspen Institute (Mortimer Adler of the ‘great books’ program of UC was there tho he even had a gig at NYC public library in the 20’s which i attended, a ‘free university’ for basically homeless mostly immigrants people who were hanging around) and Atlantic Mag)—the big idea was ‘education should be free and open to all’ (tho the Idea fests i think are invitation only and probably pricey too, of course, and based on the golden rule—do as i say but not as i do). The original NYC free U even had things on Einstein’s theory—i think it was on the ‘theory of real nativity’ or something. (Einstein of course was not a good musician—see the report on his visit to Spain, where he stayed in the same place Bakunin stayed; and he admitted at the time he couldn’t solve the theory of everything, nor i dont think he could solve ‘the negro problem’ (1946).

    This is just basic spontaneous symmetry breaking—you record something (sound waves, or maybe background radiation data from g/astronomy, translate it into a code or set of symbols (see , and then use a shredder to get rid of it—cover your tracks, as they say (i cover alot of tracks too, even beatles, stones, gilligan’s island, willie nelson, etc.; i also hide my tracks often where i walk—stay on the rocks, avoid the mud, throw leaves on the snow, so noone knows where you go).

    ‘stochastic music’ is an example of parts of the process (eg put a fractal algorithm onto a synthesizer).

    It seemed more like 4 inches of snow today, they said it would be 1 or 2 but seemed to be more—i was covered with it when i got back—-excellent!!! (people were driving in it, including school buses)—but i was hoping for 8. at least it may be single digit wind chill tomorrow, so thats a consolation prize.


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