One thought on “Selection of the week

  1. pretty fast and nice tho i rarely listen to that kind of music. i’ve heard bluegrass bands that also play fast, and also rock. i play both somewhat fast and slow but my stuff is so minor and fairly dissonant and primitive i usually get told to stop playing. people want to hear something positive, pleasent with major chords and nice melodies like elevator music or TV ads. i usually start out with something like that (summertime, peter paul and mary “leaving on a jet plane’, blue skies (willie nelson) , etc.) but then it switches into something more like Sid Vicious’s version of the Sinatra tune ‘my way’. (i combine my ‘jet plane’ version with 911 mythology —and i remember that day—i was going on my morning walk up the mountain (about 1600 ft straight up) and stayed to hear the news; i noticed that day there were no planes in the sky, so i guess there’s a silver lining to every cloud or something). (Sid was out of control apparenlty ). Stravinsky also had some dissonance and non-traditional harmonies, etc.


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