Code platform update

It’s a week away from 2015, and I have transitioned completely away from Matlab. Julia is winning the platform attention battle. It is very easy to code in and it is very fast. I just haven’t gotten around to learning python much less pyDSTool (sorry Rob). I kind of find the syntax of Python (with all the periods between words) annoying. Wally Xie and I have also been trying to implement some of our MCMC runs in Stan but we have had trouble making it work.  Our model requires integrating ODEs and the ODE solutions from Stan (using our own solver) do not match our Julia code or the gold standard XPP. Maybe we are missing something obvious in the Stan syntax but our code is really very simple. Thus, we are going back to doing our Bayesian posterior estimates in Julia. However, I do plan to revisit Stan if they (or we) can write a debugger for it.

2 thoughts on “Code platform update

  1. Awesome! Now that you’re all-in on open languages, you should put some of your code up on GitHub. Not only will it help your overall productivity and research reproducibility, but sometimes you get random contributors making useful suggestions.

    “I kind of find the syntax of Python (with all the periods between words) annoying.”

    Do you know about “from some_package import *” or are you just not a fan of object-oriented programming?


  2. @Rick Yes, I do know about the “from some_package import *” command but it is just another thing to do and remember. I’m old now. I need something simpler. I have programmed with object-oriented languages before like C++ and Objective C but I have to confess that I probably don’t really get it.


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