One thought on “Selection of the week

  1. i am just killing time, but i looked this up on wikipedia—partly since i don’t believe in massiahs (i’m more the ‘no gods or masters’ type (bakunin) , and no massuh’s. apparently there was some controversy over whether this was an anti-semitic screed , it seems the consensus is noit had nothing to do with that. (my views on these issues might be closer to noam chomsky’s or electronic infitada). over thanksgiving, people were talking about our ancient history, and one thing that came up was we had one ancient relaitve (the others came over earlier via ellis island or as ‘brethren’ —sortuh like amish) in then USSR who escaped being massacred by the nazis (everyone else in that town was killed ) because he was hidden under the floor of some christian neighbor’s house for quite a while ( he could only come out a few hours at night, almost like anne frank). last i heard he was in idf but that was at least 15 years ago. .


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