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One of the most intellectually stimulating radio shows (and podcasts) is Ideas with Paul Kennedy on CBC radio. It basically covers all topics. Many of the shows span several hour-long segments. One inspiring show I highly recommend is devoted to landscape architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander. She was a pioneer in green and sustainable architecture. She is also still skiing at age 93!

3 thoughts on “Ideas on CBC radio

  1. I wonder if that is the same Kennedy who taught history at Harvard if i recall. There are others as well, some qujite (in)famous—-I used to see the DK’s (dead kennedy’s) doing harcore punk songs like ‘holiday in cambodia, let them eat jellybeans, give me conveniance or gimme death’—-unusual at the time they had a black drummer (punk was 90%- plus white).. (one time another such band got angry at them because they only got like 350$ for a gig while the DK’s got 4500$; one person got hurt pretty bad, which suggests current theorems about peaceful conflict resolution (probably proved at places like GMU and Gtn) may not be applicable to real life phenomena (even in places like Pakistan as i gather). Maybe the model needs to include some nonlinearities.) My local Jacobin mag reading group was studying a bit a bout green architecture etc recently (and i’ve decided i’m not a big fan—its like reading Naomi Klein to hear that ‘there is global warming’ (some of us precocious so we knew that and dont need to waste time being preached to nor going broke so she can afford air travel—but i guess you get to hang with the liberal literatie)). It turns out alot of it is quite viable—even Bank of America is doing some; one problem is making it affordable—BoA partly funds its green projects by foreclosing on poor people, but such people dont even recycle (as in my building) so who cares. I see CBC also had one on the ‘sahring economy’ or something—i heard one on BBC just last night (they even went through stuff like the ultimatum game (first time i really went through that was an article by M Nowak of harvard in science awhile back, but many of the variants i’ve forgotten ). Also, while these are interesting, the experimental situations are not a ‘random sample’ of the world population (Bowles and Gintis went through some of this, as did the WEIRD stuff from UBC)—it may not be possible to generalize from experiments done with a class of econ grad students or some affluent children to the world, though uou can get alot of publications and press from it, as well as a nice job, maybe even at CBC or BBC if you get tired of t-tests and such..


  2. @ishi: In regards to your “punk was 90% white” comment, it seems that what is left of punk is even more uniform now. At least in the 70s and 80s there was an active Afropunk scene, Pure Hell, Bad Brains, and whatnot.


  3. i’m from dc and bad brains was local and actually pretty much my favorite band of the time when i first heard punk (they played at ‘madams organ’ which was a few blocks from where i grew up, and people i knew actually wired (electrified) the place. a recent movie ‘salad days’ documents that—we sort of knew these people (yippies with fish farms in the basement and such—i was clueless). Later on as ‘HR” they went into a mixture of metal punk and reggae and also homophobic rhetoric which i couldn’t stand, though HR also played with Madonna (some of her material is excellent; commerical music occassionally picks a winner like some of my old bands i started and starred in (beatles, monkees, etc. though i didnt use ‘ishi’ as a name at the time ). At the time i wasnt into the scene really and viewed the people who went there as ‘outsiders’ from better neighborhoods who figured in my area it was ok to do what they couldn’t do at home since the view was down there you could do anything you wanted and noone cared.(Actually it was basically a block down 18th st where the ‘anything goes’ doctrine began (except for the police who wouldnt go there except to their 3D police station—i only got put in there 1 time). i think i’ve heard maybe 3 good punk songs in the last 15 years—its all generic. i switched to gogo, partly cuz it was my area, though even that is getting repetietive but still some innovation there.

    on this blog we really should be talking about path integrals, quantum biology (see azimuth blog http://www.johncarlosbaez.word[ in the forum (a minor topic), , population genetics, maybe obesity. (i stopped by torrie’s (gae ave and fla ave nw dc) for their annual free christmas dinner yesterday ; i volunteered there to help out one time. one cure for obesity may be to starve. )


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