Selection of the week

Here is violinist Itzhak Perlman playing Belgian composer Joseph-Hector Fiocco’s Allegro from the late Baroque period.  If you like speed, this is as fast as any rock guitar solo.


One thought on “Selection of the week

  1. Thats quite listenable, though perhaps above my paygrade (i know someone who plays in national symphony but cello who i think can approximate that level of technicality—she once did an ‘avant guarde’ thing (atonal classical music) where she played an amplified typewriter extremely fast, accompanied by an opera singer. some old bluegrass/hilbilly music is extememly fast (one retro group in this tradition won a mcarthur genius award not long ago), and jorma kaukonen (jefferson airplane, 60’s rock—‘white rabbit’ is one song) was very fast, and hencdrix could do it, and in punk rock/hardcore DRI (dirty rotten imbecilies) and MDC (millions of dead …) were also fast. I gave up speed years ago as an interest (also called meth, crank, etc.—‘white light, white heat’—lou reed and the velvet underground, though i gather it was popular among japanese kamikaze’s and i used it to get through quantum mechanics exams (open book, and they gave you 4 hours fortunately, since i didnt go to class and just studied up on what i missed the last month during the exam period).


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