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The legendary twentieth century violinist David Oistrakh playing Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, from over 50 years ago.  Unfortunately, I can’t listen to this piece without being reminded of the 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven. It wasn’t a bad film per se but I certainly don’t want to have it be associated with one of the iconic pieces from the classical repertoire.



One thought on “Selection of the week

  1. The only debussy i really knew was ‘nocturnes’ (i went through the record collection where i grew up, and i burned that record up from playing it too much). (the south african pianist ‘dollar brand’ though a few years later (maybe 80) was in sortuh same style as well as some sun ra.
    i took piano lessons from a nice lady who studied at julliard in my neighborhood (and she was black—i thought she was mrs duke ellington). it got too rough so they took me across the park to another piano teacher, who was not nice, so after i payed her the 5$ and she went to get her tea i took it back (my view was i found it—finders keepers)). after awhile she noticed it was always missing. i got kicked out too which was my intention.
    other classical music i like is 4’33” by john cage; i do a much longer mashup version combining that with ‘metal machine music’ by lou reed—i think he just turned up all the amps put the mic in front of em and left for 4 hours. its called feedback, or democracy (eg of particles—geoffrey chew: everyone is an individual, but individuals are just a function of their interactions). reed came back and released it as an album. got fired too.
    company didnt know what they were putting out—they just thought it would make money.
    ‘fire in the mind’ by george johnson i think is much better than anything by steven johnson. (ranks with jaques monod, carl sagan, e t bell, bronowski, ulam, feynman, tobias dantzig (number), stuff on erdos and ramunajan, etc.
    (Interestingly i read an old essay written by V Arnold ((diffusion) in 1997 in the journal ‘resonance’ (sept. 2014) published by an obscrue gorup called ‘indian academy of science’—maybe they sell tata sauce in india, or used to publish in Int J Quantum Chemistry—and i met some of them about the ‘frolich model’ —1968 science (roger penrose and the wack microtubule model –hameroff-relies on that) —in/coherence in biological systems ) who was criticizing french education, and he recomended all these popular type books. the same issue of resonance has a critic of his view—which is what i got in education—feynman lectures on physics are no good, EPR/bell’s theorem are irrelevant, all you have to do is calculate the spectra of the helium atom to n places. ‘shut up and calculate’. ‘peace out’. its halloween tricks and treats.


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