Selection of the Week

Chopin Nocturne No 8 Op 27 No 2 performed by Maurizio Pollini, whom I’ve had the fortune of seeing in Boston many years ago.


2 thoughts on “Selection of the Week

  1. as an aside (since i haven’t listened to this but may) one my best friends in college who wanted to be an astronomer (lost touch of him) had chopin as his favorite music. (the little i’ve heard i’ve liked, but for classical music all i really listened to was debussy and stravinsky. my brother’s wife’s sister and her husband both play in the national symphony; and smaller groups, and they’ve also done some collaborations with various DC gogo and hiphop bands at bloombars and howard theatre partly to spark interest among people who dont know classical music. (my tastes are partly on my ‘blog’—everything from velvet underground, stooges, NWA to backyard and junkyard bands and northeast groovers, (when i play i get shut down often, like stravinsky at rites of spring’. )


  2. ps. quite nice (though short), especially given whats in the news—sounds in the vein the chopin i’ve heard (quite technical). thanks for that.


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