Marc Andreesen on EconTalk

If you have any interest in technology and the internet then you should definitely listen to this EconTalk podcast with Marc Andreesen, who wrote the first web browser Mosaic that led to the explosive growth of the internet. He has plenty of insightful things to say.  I remember first seeing Mosaic in 1994 as a postdoc in Boulder, Colorado. There I was, doing research that involved programming in C and C++. I was not really happy with what I was doing. I was having a hard time finding the next job. I was one of the first to play around with HTML, and it never occurred to me once that I could pack my bags, move to Silicon Valley, and try to get involved in the burgeoning tech revolution. It just makes me wonder what other obvious things I’m missing right now.

Addendum, 2014-6-5:  Actually, it may have been 1993 that I first saw Mosaic.


One thought on “Marc Andreesen on EconTalk

  1. one can always look at a very old article on a different economics blog on andreassan—-all the way back to june 23 ’14. ‘econospeak’ . (they even posted my comment; i have another similar one on the web site of a small indie journal called ‘Science’, on the statistical mechanics of inequality—econospeak is connected at the hip with that). i hear there was a bear up at NIH—way cool.


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