Obesity references

I’ve been asked about references to papers on which my New York Times interview is based so I’ve listed them below.  You can find summaries for some of them as well as the slides for my talks and posts related to obesity here.

K.D. Hall, G.Sacks, D. Chandramohan, C.C Chow, C. Wang; S. Gortmaker; B. Swinburn, `Quantifying the effect of energy imbalance on body weight change.’ The Lancet 378:826-37 (2011).

K.D. Hall and C.C. Chow, `Estimating changes of free-living energy intake and its confidence interval,’ Am J Clin Nutr 94:66-74 (2011).

K.D. Hall, M. Dore, J. Guo, and C.C. Chow, ‘The progressive increase of food waste in America’, PLoS ONE 4(11): e7940 (2009).

C.C. Chow and K.D. Hall, `The dynamics of human body weight change’, PLoS Computational Biology , e1000045 (2008).

K.D. Hall, H.L. Bain and C.C. Chow, `How adaptations of substrate utilization regulate body composition’, International Journal of Obesity, 31 , 1378-83 (2007). [PDF]

V. Periwal and C.C. Chow, ‘Patterns in food intake correlate with body mass index’, American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism, 291 929-936 (2006) [PDF]


4 thoughts on “Obesity references

  1. Obesity is really one of the health problems which plaque our society these days, It is easily treatable by being more physical and of course by having a nutritious diet. ;;.`”


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