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The Economist blog Babbage posted an article on obesity and quoted parts of the New York Times interview.  I also want to point out that that Kevin Hall is the lead investigator for the body weight simulator (


3 thoughts on “In the Economist

  1. I read the New York Times article & I found it very interesting. One thing I notice about my own excess adipose tissue is that when I leave the US, I lose weight the whole time I am gone – often a pound a day, and it all comes back shortly after I get home; that makes me wonder about food additives/pesticides/fertilizers/GMOs etc. that the US allows that other countries do not. Did your investigation turn up anything related to food additives?

    BTW, my journeys have been for as short as a week and as long as 23 days. Since 1996, I have been to Canada twice, Israel Twice and India once.

    Thanks for the food for thought.


  2. We have not studied food additives per se. However, one needs to control for total caloric intake versus physical activity and then assess other factors.


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