AAAS meeting in Vancouver

I’m currently in beautiful Vancouver for the 2012 AAAS meeting.  The convention centre is to the right of the Olympic cauldron with the mountains in the background.  My talk this morning will be on the Myths of Obesity.   The two biggest myths are: 1) the cause of the obesity epidemic is a mystery and 2) the “3500 Calories is a pound” rule used for dieting.  I won’t be talking much about those two myths since Boyd Swinburn and Kevin Hall will be covering them in the talks that precede mine (Abstracts here).   However, in my talk I will cover questions that include: Do thin people have fast metabolism?    Is it easier to gain weight if I am heavy?   How many calories will I lose if I eat one cookie less a day?  How is it that I gain weight even though I’m eating the same amount every day?;   Is food intake tightly controlled?  Come to my talk or check my slides for the answers.

My slides are here.  (It only looks like a lot of slides because of the animations). A list of posts on the topic can be found here.


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