Slides for two talks

I just gave a seminar in the math department at the University of Iowa today. I gave a talk that was similar to the one I gave at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute on Bayesian Inference for dynamical systems.  My slides are here.  I was lucky I made it to give this talk.  My flight  from Chicago O’Hare to Cedar Rapids, Iowa was cancelled yesterday and I was rebooked on another flight tonight, which wouldn’t have been of much use for my talk this afternoon.  There was one fight left last evening to Cedar Rapids but bad weather cancelled several flights yesterday so there were many stranded travelers.  I was number 38 on the standby list and thought I had no chance to make it out that night.  However, on a whim I decided to wait it out and I started to move up the list because other people had evidently given up as well.  To my great surprise and relief I was the last person to get on the plane.  There was a brief scare when they asked me to get off because we exceeded the weight limitation but then they changed their mind and let us all fly.  (Someone else had kindly volunteered to take my place).  I learned two lessons.  One is to keep close watch of your flight at all times so you can get on the standby list as soon as possible and two is that even number 38 on a plane that only seats 50 can still make it.

I also gave a talk at Northwestern University in March on the gene induction project that I described here.  My slides are here.


3 thoughts on “Slides for two talks

  1. I flipped through the slides and was wondering on #110 whether the noncompetitive inhibition should have an additional line Y_(i-1) + X_i’ Y_i’ (or whether that might be a difference from author to author on the definition of what noncompetitive inhibition is). I don’t have Segel so I couldn’t look it up offhand, but in Comprehensive Enzyme Kinetics by Vladimir Leskovac, section 5.3, he defines it with the additional reaction. Also some of the animations seemed to be missing steps.

    Also the slide for partial inhibition can also be activation depending on the value of beta, but perhaps it’s simpler to leave that part out…


  2. Correction: my double headed arrow isn’t showing up in the post but it should be

    Y_(i-1) + X_i’ [in equilibrium with] Y_i’


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