Google wave

There are three technological developments that I’ve been waiting for that could actually improve my life.  The first is a letter-sized electronic reader that can hold every book and paper that I’ll ever need.  Amazon Kindle is not it but a company named Plastic Logic is promising something like this soon.  The second thing that I’m waiting for is a program that will read and sort my emails.  It will know how to prioritize them, delete the ones I don’t need anymore, update my calendar for events and meetings, and save keepers in the correct folders (including creating folders for new topics when expedient) when I’m done reading them.  (Actually, there is something like this already, known as an administrative assistant but I’m waiting for an electronic one.)  It may be a (long) while before something like this is available. The third thing I’m waiting for is a remote collaboration tool.  This would be something to interact with collaborators remotely that mimics the experience  of standing together in front of a blackboard.  Thus far, none of the things I’ve seen that are supposed to do this have gained traction with me.  However, Google is coming out with something called Google Wave that may be closer to what I’m looking for.  It is an online communication tool that will support latex.  Terry Tao has a nice summary of how it could be useful for scientific communication on his blog.

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